Insomnia is the most common sleeping difficulty and affects people of all ages. Features include difficulty getting off to sleep and trouble staying asleep, worrying about sleep, and tiredness during the day.

There are many different reasons for insomnia. A pattern of poor sleep may start during a period of stress or other sleep disruption (e.g. from shift work, jet lag, crying infant, snoring bed partner). It can then become chronic even after the initial cause is no longer present.…

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This page presents an overview of the use of light therapy for treating a range of disorders such as insomnia, winter depression, and jet lag arising from mis-timing of the 'Body Clock'.
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Visual light stimulation for re-setting the body clock

The Body Clock times the 'ups and downs' of our biology and behaviour across the 24 hour day. It determines when we feel sleepy…

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The brain circuit for light reception, input to the circadian clock, and the production of melatonin.
The Center offers a specialized program in chronotherapeutics – a novel set of biological rhythm correction procedures designed to:
establish normal sleep onset time for people who cannot fall asleep until it is too late, or have trouble waking up because of fragmented sleep;
relieve winter depression (seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, or the milder winter doldrums or winter blues);
alleviate symptoms of unipolar and bipolar depression,…

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Bright Light Therapy is used to manage circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), a condition which shifts the normal sleeping pattern outside what is considered the social norm. People who have DSPS generally don’t fall asleep until several hours after Midnight and have trouble waking up in the morning, making adhering to a normal work or school schedule difficult. However, if allowed to follow their own schedules, their quality of sleep is otherwise normal.

Bright Light…

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  • 失眠的人 - Re-Timer可以幫助調節生理時鐘;改善睡眠品質
  • 睡眠不規律的人 -  Re-Timer可以幫助調節生理時鐘;克服睡眠不規律,改善早醒/淺眠..等睡眠問題






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